summer rocks

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I love the heat.  Billy, not so much, Jen, yes please.  (**I am required to edit here.  Billy wishes to clarify that he loves the heat, he just loves air conditioning too.) Okay so I’ll slowly start recapping the summer for you, starting with this little gal’s birthday:

Jun 10, 2012 3:12 AM

She really wanted a birthday party where she could invite her friends, which isn’t normal for our family, but I okay-ed.  We had a great time, she’s definitely the social butterfly of the family.

Jun 10, 2012 2:06 AM

Jun 10, 2012 2:06 AM

I was icing cakes so Carrington and Ellie set up the entire table, I was impressed.  We did most of the food the night before, so we just had sandwiches to make right before everyone arrived.  I’ve learned to do every single thing possible the night before any event, or even earlier for non-food stuff, otherwise you just run around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Which I pretty much did anyway, but whatever, it was the largest get-together I’ve thrown.  The mommies that stayed were extremely helpful, and I was so thankful!

Jun 10, 2012 3:38 AM

I made a huge flower pinata!  Basic instructions can be found here, from Jordan Ferney (she is awesome).  I free-handed the giant tulip and Carrington drew the mini pinata shape.  I stuffed all the mini ones with some candy and stickers and such for party favors, but first they got to serve as decoration.

Jun 9, 2012 9:37 PM

The big one was actually so heavy that Billy had to do some serious jimmy-rigging to get it to hang.  Mayhem ensued.  Glitter was everywhere.

Jun 10, 2012 3:49 AM

Jun 10, 2012 3:49 AM

So happy 7th birthday to my girl!  We love you Ellie!!


mid may

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When we got back to the states, my desktop computer wouldn’t turn back on.  (It’s completely dead.)  Rather than buy a new one, I’m exploring other options which is seriously testing my sanity patience ability to adapt.  I feel like I have one extra child in the house as I silently will my mac to play nice with the other equipment on my desk.

It reminds me that change can be hard, but resisting only makes things harder.  Just dive in.  Try.

(The beach this weekend.  It was lovely.)

mind the gap

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Once upon a time (last week) we jumped across the pond.  My (very spontaneous and adventurous) mom joined us so that we were able to sneak away to Paris for a few days.  It was très amusant.  Did I mention I speak zero French?  We love love love traveling with our kids.  Seeing them see new things is twice as nice as just seeing it ourselves.







I love this man so much that it brings me to tears just thinking about all he means to me.  Err no, not after wine.  The wine’s good, but I just really love him.





waking up

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Even though it seems like we sort of passed right over winter, things are definitely waking up out there.

Of course we’re bringing it all in.

Some random things:

:I turned 27 last week

:We all really miss the beach

:I’m thrilled with how our homeschool year is going

:I loved Stop Stealing Dreams

:I mentioned we miss the beach, right?

:I’ve officially packed up all the diapers in the house, and it feels strange and happy and sad, all at the same time

:Not one sister-in-law, but two are pregnant and due in October, which has me over the moon

:It’s been way too long since I’ve sewed anything substantial

:It’s 8:55pm and I could fall alseep in under two minutes if I were to lay down

it’s january?

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But it’s so spring-y!  You won’t find a single complainer under this roof.  I mean in the back yard.  Or down by the creek.  Or around the lake.



I’m still checking the extended forecast and crossing my fingers for some glorious snow, but in the meantime I’m quite happy with what we’ve got.



Nothing says mid-winter like a picnic by the creek, right?


greeting cards have all been sent…

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… but the flurry of gift-making is in full swing over here.  Closed doors, hushed whispers, “don’t look!”, oh yes, there are definitely elves hard at work.  With two more envelopes left to open on the Christmas countdown, a pageant only two days away, and wrapping paper and tape everywhere, it’s time!  

(About the countdown envelopes, I got the tiny clothespins at JoAnn’s, and made each envelope out of Christmas paper by cutting out a shape like this and then gluing the sides down.  Inside there have been different things to do each day, from things we already had planned, like seeing the Nutcracker, to making paper snowflakes.  The kids loved this, even though Deacon stole a few of the envelopes.)


Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy Birthday Jesus!

*Just in case you thought I got the kids to smile and look at the camera in a few tries or anything, I thought I’d add that most of the shots look something like this:



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Since I wasn’t around in blog-world for the past month, I’ll fill you in on what we’ve been up to (with lots of pictures).  Halloween went well.  Not my favorite holiday of the bunch, though my crew is pretty stellar about our *eat what you want tonight-pick five to keep-say goodbye to the rest* routine.  I always struggle with what to hand out at our own house, not wanting to give out questionable ingredients or spend an arm and a leg on quality junk candy.  We ended up wrapping Halloween Jo-Jo’s from Trader Joe’s.


I like homemade costumes, and this year was fun because, of all things, the kids requested an angel and a shepherd costume.  Knowing they’ll need these costumes for our church nativity service in December made the effort I put into them pretty worth it.  For Finn’s costume I just made a basic white tunic and a brown smock on top, so simple.  For his staff, we found a giant candycane at the dollar store and wrapped it in brown paper.  Ellie’s angel dress was from two years ago (how it still fit, I have no idea), paired with some ballet slippers and the neighbor’s old cub scouts bugle (thanks, Dan!).  For her wings I took an old pair of butterfly wings, deconstructed them and flipped them upside down, then covered them in rose petals from the dollar store and tied on ribbons.  They were completely over the top and ridiculously awesome.  Of course the natural choice was for Deacon to go as a lamb, so I used a yard of fluffy fabric to make a cape (circle skirt patterns are so useful) and some pants and a little hat with ears.  


Oh!  For their trick-or-treat bags, I used an old purl soho tutorial and made candy corn bags.  They are oh so festive, I can’t wait to see them again next year.


November started with my sweet boy turning five.  Five!  


I also had a sewing buddy for a few nights, thanks to Carrington starting on pointe!  She had to sew on ribbons and elastic, and apparently she’ll have to do it again soon because pointe shoes don’t last for all that many hours.   


The weather this November was beautiful.  It made for good apple picking:


Good naps in the sun:


And some good fun in the woods:


We rounded out the month with Thanksgiving dinner at our house with my parents and my brother and his wife.  The kids had so much fun getting ready to be hosts.  


There was, of course, a crazy amount of food and dessert.  (Good thing, too, because my vegan carrot cake had to become un-vegan at the last minute and ended up tasting less than spectacular.  The recipe can be found here though, and is most definitely spectacular and worth trying!)


So that’s what has been up around these parts.  Our Christmas tree is up, holiday music is being played around the clock, and the flurry of Nutcracker season is here!

a mother’s heart

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Recently there was a small heartbreak.  I think it’s safe to say that when your child’s heart truly breaks, your own heart breaks, too.  The impulse is to scoop them up and whisk them away to where, with their heads buried in your shoulder, they feel safe.  And maybe, after a little while, they’ll be ready to step back into the world again.


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We are settling into our new school year around here.  Some days are totally awesome, others are more challenging, but every day… every day I have my little ones right here where I want them.  


September also found me becoming the stepmother of a teenager!  A bright, cheerful, beautiful, confident one, at that.  Who still proudly wears the paper crowns her little sister makes her.