hard at work

February 17, 2013 / by admin

We’ve been working really hard in 2013.  Of course, there has been some serious kitchen-table work:

And some serious not-at-the-kitchen-table work:

Last week Ellie and Finn were suddenly fascinated with dinosaurs, so of course we hit up the library first, but we also went up to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaur exhibit.  It’s funny, we always cruise through the same dino exhibit whenever we go, but this time they really saw everything.

It was snowing all day here on and off, but nothing stuck to the ground.  Spring is definitely on the horizon, but I wouldn’t mind being snowed in one last time.  I am noticing such a shift in our days, as Deacon becomes more and more interested in what we’re working on.  Unbelievably, he is reading.  Mostly short words, with short-vowel letter sounds.  And of course all droids, like R2-D2 and C-3PO, ha!  What it is with boys and Star Wars, I will never know.

Have a lovely weekend!



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