October 28, 2012 / by admin

As in, the leaves.  Because they’re falling and they’re so, so, so beautiful.  We actually pull over and stop the car to collect some of the prettiest ones we see.  Really.  We went to Charlottesville at the end of September for the Heritage Fall Festival, which is held at Monticello.

The grounds are gorgeous, right down to the vibrant brick red dirt.  The cider doughnuts aren’t too shabby either.  I would know.

There was a huge hill near the place where we parked, so on the way back to the car the little guys ran to the top so they could roll down.  When Carrington didn’t run after them I mentioned that the little Carrington would have been the first one to the top, but this bigger Carrington must be too old for such things.

Ahhh, there’s still some of the little girl left in her after all!

Then she proceeded to turn fourteen.  She’s almost as tall as me.  She towers (gracefully) over both Billy and I on her pointe shoes as she pirouettes around the house.

That’s a lot of candles to put on a cake!  I made this double-decker vanilla cake and topped it with vanilla frosting roses.  Yum.  It was super sweet, too.  Just like her.

So October finds us welcoming and waiting.  We welcomed (from across the country) my newest nephew, Weston, born to my big brother Jon and his wife Dana.  Rumor has it they’re coming here for Christmas, so I’ll be able to get my hands on the sweet little thing, but until then at least I’m getting pictures.  Now we’re waiting for my brother Jeremy and his wife Lindsay to have their baby.  She’s 40 weeks and 2 days today.  Any. Day.  Come on baby, Aunt Jen wants to snuggle you and eat you up!

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