wet and rainy and cold

October 9, 2012 / by admin

This was my reality on Sunday afternoon.  I didn’t think to snap a picture of the dreariness outside my window though, I think it would’ve given my post a little somethin’.  It was wet out there.  Not to mention freezing.

Summer clothes packed away, winter clothes brought out.  It’s usually a pretty gradual process but I’ve been around the season-changing block a few times so I’ve got a pretty nice system.  Now, what does one do, with mountains of clothes to be sorted/folded/packed/washed, with the bundles of energy bouncing all around said piles?  You send them downstairs with daddy and a play-doh recipe, duh!

Then you take care of business.  Oh, you come down once to take snap a picture and eat a plate of play-doh food, can’t forget that.

We spent last weekend in Roanoke with my brother and oh-so-pregnant sister in law.  I can’t wait to get my hands on that baby!  School is going very well, we’ve all been working really hard.  This week my goal is to find a new table for my sewing machines, because there are some holidays on the horizon.  I got rid of my huge oppressive cabinet in hopes of something smaller and lighter, but then summer happened and GEEZ it’s been a few months since I’ve sewed.  Did I mention both of my brothers have babies due this month?  Hmmm.  Must. Get. Busy.

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