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March 19, 2011 / by admin

Tomorrow I turn a whopping 26 years old 😉  Time to skim over the list I made and see if I can cross off anything!

30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30

-Make a quilt for each child’s bed

-Learn to use jumper cables

-Take horseback riding lessons again

-See a play (grown-ups only)

-Learn sign language

-Change the oil in the car successfully  (I’ll share that story one day)

-Solve a Rubik’s cube

-Do a 1000 piece puzzle from my mom’s closet, the ones we did together when I was little

-Complete a triathlon

-Keep a plant alive in the house for more than a year

-Learn to change a bike tire

-Learn to change a car tire

-Replace the big family portrait on the wall with one that includes Deacon

-Use a parasol

-Curb my sweet tooth (I said curb, not eliminate)

-Finish making Christmas presents before Thanksgiving at least once

-Take the kids to at least one CYT performance a year

-Go on a mission trip

-Whistle with my fingers

-Run a half marathon or more

-Organize the baby books

-Volunteer for VBS

-Go tubing (snow)

-Take dance lessons

-Dye my hair really dark

-Learn how to start and keep a successful fire

-Sleep in the back yard overnight with the kids

-Take the kids on a real camping trip (see above)

-Have the kids baptized

-Go to a pro football game


The new ones are in bold.  I’ve got four years left, so I’m not worried about what hasn’t been checked off yet.  Now that whole business about the sweet tooth is sort of subjective, as in, some weeks I feel as if I’ve truly ditched the dessert-craving monster from my childhood, and some days I’ll find myself in the Whole Foods parking lot at 7:35pm.  But overall, I feel like I’ve conquered it, so I’m crossing it off.

My birthday present arrived early a few days ago, so I’m off to enjoy it.  Have a great weekend guys 🙂 


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