no really, we ARE alive

January 16, 2011 / by admin

Oh I’m sorry you poor, poor neglected blog!  I’ll do better, I promise.  Actually, I’m going to go ahead and lay the blame at the feet of my husband, who is just too good at gift giving.  I’m on book #5 on my new Kindle which I cannot.  put.  down.  Christmas was marvelous, there was snow, nutcracker action, pageant action, birthday cake for Jesus (a tradition of ours), and lots of family.  Happy 2011 people 🙂






*Stockings were made from this Purl Soho pattern, mittens were sweetly knit by etsy’s Grandma Lemonade, and handwarmers were made by me*

One thought on “no really, we ARE alive

  1. Jeremy says:

    I was beginning to wonder…!!!

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