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December 8, 2010 / by admin

A couple of things are on my mind today.  First of all, Mr. Jen is away today at a radio station he used to program, raising money for the Make A Wish foundation.  I can’t say enough good things about the organization.  They raise money to grant wishes to children with life threatening illnesses.  The kids’ stories are remarkable.  Makes me very, very, very grateful for my healthy kids.


This day also marks the two year anniversary of my sister-in-law’s horrific accident.  She was driving from dance class late at night and a drunk driver swerved and hit her head-on going 50 mph.  Here’s a picture of her shredded car:


It took 45 minutes for police/firefighters get her out.  After being in a coma for a week, suffering two fractured femurs, a shattered right eye socket, a shattered right cheek, a skull fracture, damage to her right vertebral artery and an intracranial hemorrhage, look at her now:


Miraculously, she recovered, met my brother, married him, and just recently gave me an adorable new nephew.  I love them all to pieces and I’m very, very, very grateful for God’s mercy. 

2 thoughts on “on my mind

  1. Mom says:

    Make that a third!

  2. Jeremy says:

    You and me both… 🙂

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